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A few words about us

At AQUSTEC, we create office solutions that bring added value to the end-users. We know how important are comfortable working conditions in the office. They have an impact on work efficiency and employee satisfaction. Therefore, by combining our knowledge and experience, we have created an unique product, which is an acoustic cabin for offices under the HIDE brand.

The innovation of our acoustic cabins lies in their modular construction, simple ordering process and  short production time. The modularity of the HIDE cabins goes hand in hand with their excellent quality and functionality. We guarantee a great ratio quality-to-price, so that even small companies with a limited budget can afford the comfort of work.

Our booths are very popular in Western Europe, where they go mainly to French offices.

We are constantly improving our products, as well as expanding our offer.

In addition to acoustic cabins, we also sell acoustic hanging curtains made of PET bottles recovered in the recycling process. It is a solution that will successfully act as a partition separating workstations and help to mute noisy offices and reduce reverberation time.


We create work environment  in which we would like to work ourselves. With us, every company can afford to ensure the comfort of work for their employees.

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TELEPHONE: +48 519 621 887
Aqustec sp. z o. o., UL.Szkolna 86, 07-202 LESZCZYDÓŁ NOWINY, POLAND